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Je ne pareler pas français bien et je préfère parler anglais... Est-ce que traduire cette françaises s'il vous plaît? Merci! #EMO_ALT_1#

Hey! I'm an experienced evocator from the UK server ( and I'm hoping that sometime in the near future, people will try out this awesome class My YouTube channel is:

Evocator is, by far, the hardest class to master in my opinion. What makes it so difficult is that it is sort of like controlling 2 different players at the same time. Most Evocators are either controlling themselves, or their monster at a time. The trick is to be able to control both your toon, and your monster at the same time as if they were 2 individual people. But it is very possible to overcome with practice.

Anyways, if anyone of any experience or level has a question about this class, feel free to ask me here! #EMO_ALT_2#

Tip #1:

In most situations, it is extremely important to always keep a distance between you and your monster. To be more specific, make sure a warrior can't run into the space between you and your pet and stun you both.

Tip #2:

Since Evocators lack intelligence, and therefore damage, they do not make great attack classes. Evocators are mostly support classes, no matter what anybody says. We cannot do much on the front lines like an archer or magician could. In my latest YouTube videos, you will notice that 90% of the time, I am usually BEHIND the fight, although i do, at times, fight aggressively.

Tip #3:

Most people underestimate the power of an Evocator's protection crystal. These crystals will increase a player's evade and resistance stats ( the likelihood of an opponents shot to miss is greater when these stats are high) by 80%!!! So let say I had 200 evade, and I was within the vicinity of a protection crystal. This would raise my evade to 360!!! That's an INSANE advantage over another opponent with only 200 evade. So never forget to take the time and place a protection crystal where it could be useful!

Tip #4:

When you are feared by a mage or nightwalker, your pet can still be controlled! (As long as your pet isn't stunned too of course. To have them use their skills while you are feared, you just need to click on the skills on your monsters skill bar. HOWEVER if you do not have something targeted before you are feared, you will not be able to have your monster use specific skills on specific targets. So make sure that before you are feared, you already have your opponent targeted.

Tip #5:

I find it easier to control my pet using assigned Hotkeys for it's skills and it's positional commands. In order to set these Hotkeys, click on the Settings icon on the top right part of your screen, and then press keyboard settings. If you scroll down near the bottom of the keyboard setting window, and there should be setting that say something along the line of: companion skill #(1/2/3/4). The wait and return commands are listed as they are: 'wait' and 'return'.

My personally set hot keys are:
Skill 1: y
Skill 2: r
Skill 3: t
Skill 4: h
Return: c
Wait: v

I will post more tips for Evocator over time ^.^
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Thks for this.

For me the best summoner is here :

I prefer use the numeric buttons with the keyboard
Skill 1 : *
Skill 2 : numpad 2 = ié
Skill 3 : numpad 1 = end
Skill 4 : -
Return : +
Wait : Enter

but you choice is well.

You should do a video with an introduction in french Instead do this description; the staff here do not like topics with a different language and close.(only french is approved).
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Hi, i agree with your tips, but for the 2 ... I prefer fight agressively most of the times, it´s more fun if there is good supp behind and a good weapon, without it, use bonus for +150 of damage i don't know english name, and try to found attack bonus of priest then you can be in front of the fight. But a priest who know how you play is really usefull. Sry for my bad english !

Et en français, baaah pour jouer énervé il faut une bonne arme et que les prêtres derrière suivent, mais bon des fois les miens sont un peu incompétent #EMO_ALT_3#
Moi j'suis un amoureux du verbe un gros kiffeur c'est pas ton style ... j'vais pas refourguer de la merde parce que les auditeurs sont scatophiles !
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I am from US/GoA and now UK server and I can't disagree that adetoh and EMP/Sharptense are good evo ;p. But my favorite is Tuny as I said on your topic from UK's forum lol. And as to reply to tuny about his tips #2, adetoh doesn't have good stuff, so unless he have a very good support, he can't go on the front like you do Tuny, and also, he only have good weapon when he win the tournament lol.

Je peux écrire en français mais pour me faire comprendre par adetoh je dois écrire en anglais, je suis Québécois et je joue sur le serveur américain(maintenant UK) depuis toujours ;P
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In most situations, it is extremely important to always keep a distance between you and your monster. To be more specific, make sure a warrior can't run into the space between you and your pet and stun you both.

Of course, he wanted to say: Make sure a warrior can always run into the space between you and your pet #EMO_ALT_4# Otherwise where is the fun ? #EMO_ALT_5#
Ecrire c'est vivre nos rêves.
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Je cite : "WAW JE TANK."
Fin de citation
Tu étais sous bulle de masse.

Au revoir.
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I understand what your trying to say #EMO_ALT_6#

And yes, with insanely high +armour and a nice priest, it would be bad to not be more toward the front of the battle. But my armour is low. I have a +17 cloak, +18 boots, +18 gloves, +18 pants, and +18 shirt, and a +20 helmet. My regular rod is +22 competence level 38, but ever since I started participating in the evocator tournament, I've been winning the + 24 rod. So of course I love placing a nice AOE over some heads #EMO_ALT_7#

I'm glad everyone is enjoying my tips :DDD
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I think you should learn how to play better evocator with the GrandMaster Swolen, he learn it to TunyFayaa who is actualy the better summoner in france !
You should find him in the 7 channel in lonbaley, because LesXblasterS never die!

Sorry for your bad french', you should feel stupid here becaue we can speak your language unless you cant with our's. But i can learn it to you too !

Cordialy ( sa se dit ?)

Edit after wiewing some video.

Tip 1 => Use the magical pet more than the physical because if you play support you should do 2 massive stun, moreover the magical pet can stun far from you opponents so he is better for your GP.

Tip 2 => Dont suicide your pet every time, you say that you have just 18-20 armor SO USE UNITED LIFE keep your pet alive and earn alot of defense !

Tip 3 => Dont use triple invocation on physical opponents, keep it for magier or priester !
=> Dont do any damages on war...

Tip 4 => Go on support priest to use block on him and it will really help your group #EMO_ALT_9#.

Tip 5 => When you play against an archier do atk n°4 of you pet in first when he make is clone, so you can reveal him unless miss a fear;)

Tip 6 => If you play france train against piticochon he is a good french summoner who have approximatively you level #EMO_ALT_10#.

Tip 7 => Use antidote xd, and maybe damage potion #EMO_ALT_8#
"Il vaut mieux mourrir gros que mourrir de faim." FireTenseiV, 2014
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Thx for the tips #EMO_ALT_11#
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One last for the road *-*.
If you really want to play support evocator use a racial potion to be a felin ( animal ? dont know how to say that ^-^).
"Il vaut mieux mourrir gros que mourrir de faim." FireTenseiV, 2014
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