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Niveau 9, Lapiris
Feline was right #EMO_ALT_1# and I am a fairy to gain a little more intelligence because of what Evocators already lack. And Felines give more life? Is that right?
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Niveau 98, Lapiris

Tip 6 => If you play france train against piticochon he is a good french summoner who have approximatively you level #EMO_ALT_2#.

oh I didn't know u could be gentle with me feartensei.

so, be serious now, at the beginning of your post, i thought you had the same stuff as me but when i saw your weapon i changed my opinion, but i think it could be interesting to play opposite you

I saw some of your videos but i never saw your break, do you find that skill useless, or you only don't use it ?? it's a good skill if you have not a big weapon, try it
It's a shame. I've got two fists, but you've only got one face.
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